Collaboration amidst Competition

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We hope to create a self sustaining student society,
with an abundance of resources and free of cost tutoring anytime,
for anyone who is looking for study help.

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We are a Non Profit Orginization run entirely by students.
However, if you could donate to our cause, it would help
us a lot in improving our infrastructure as well as
providing you with the best possible material.


"I heard about onclass from a friend. At first I was skeptical about it, but I decided to still try it out and I'm really glad that I did! Learning from another high school student was super helpful since they recently had a similar experience and understood my though process. After my first session, I not only did well on my assignments, but understood the concepts that helped me in my class later on!" - Amisha Kumar, Senior at The Kings Academy

"Onclass has provided me with more accessible help with computer science. My teacher is a great resource, but he can he busy at times, so it's great to additionally have a tutor outside of class."- Rithika Srinivasan, Senior at Homestead High

"Thank you very much for providing us with this privilege ! The tutor was very knowledgeable and set a good rapport with my child. I would definitely recommend your good work to my other friends at Gunderson high school." - Bilal Ron, Freshman at Gunderson High

"I contacted Onclass for help in my Physics Honors science class and the tutor who was provided was professional. He helped me understand the concepts and patiently walked me through the problems. With this help, I was able to ace the midterm and increase my grade by a letter grade" - Yash Bengali, Junior at Homestead High