About Us

"I moved to the United States when I was fifteen. This was halfway during my sophomore year and I had to catch up to an entirely new curriculum and syllabus. Being the son of a single parent, I had to manage my time and schoolwork by myself. Initially this was a struggle. However whenever I had problems, there were a few friends who always stood up for me and helped me out. A year later, after I had gotten accustomed to the school, I began to notice a need for educational support around me. Having been through a similar situation, I launched Onclass with a core team and established a free way of accessing notes and material from classes online. With our popularity rising, onclass expanded into providing tutoring for students free of cost for any subject and now we serve high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. I am finally able to say that I feel contended with the support people now can get via onclass and I hope to help every student in my community as well." - Vishnu Srinivasan

Onclass is a student-run non-profit which aims to provide students with good quality resources, material and support to address their academic needs. Through reaching out to many teachers and organizing materials from many accountable students, Onclass compiles large amounts of academic resources publicly online. Onclass also utilizes technology to advocate educational needs, provides free of cost in-person tutoring and everyone involved in the organization -- providing academic content or tutoring -- have been in the same shoes as the demographic we target.

Meet Our Team

Vishnu Srinivasan

George Wen

Matthew Hsieh

Arjun Bhaduri

Zhi-Ying Chua

Justin Jungse Yim

Mihir Hasan

Abhishek Kattuparumbil

Brent Delano

Karthik Kalyanasundarum

Joey He

Arul Gnanasivam

Anantajit Subrahmanya

Rohan Goel

Omar Shohoud

Nikhil Vytla

Cheri Zhou

Rita Chen

Diane Cho

Caleb Chang

Rebecca Cockroft

Nikhil Kulkarani

Tony Yu

Mayank Singamreddy

Jacob Jiao

Rishikesh Balaji

Eric Cheng

Shani Zuniga

Maanvi Thawani

Sonali Merchia

Brandon Fu

Rishikesh Devanathan

Andrew Wong

Neerali Shah

Thanh Luong

Vaibhav Seshadri

Sohil Nadarajan

Zachary Wang

Kush Petal

Catherine Liu

Atharv Patil